Cranborne Audio is a new brand from a London-based product design team responsible for several award-winning Pro Audio products.The goal of Cranborne Audio and the team’s vision is to make high-end studio recording more accessible to modern engineers and musicians.

The 21st century studio can be anywhere – a bedroom, a basement, a warehouse, even a tour bus – thanks to DAWs and plugins that so many producers, engineers, and musicians use today. But whilst we can manipulate sound once it’s in the digital realm, sound capture and conversion occurs in the acoustic and analogue domain and still requires hardware. And unfortunately, this hardware often times limits the results one can achieve.

If money and physical space are of no concern, there are plenty of fantastic audio capture products (microphone preamps, DI boxes, A/D converters) that can deliver great results. But Cranborne Audio offers the modern producer, engineer, and musician with more limited price and space constraints to achieve great results as well, perhaps even better results…

All of our designs are highly-engineered and are tuned for high-performance analogue and digital applications. Our discrete analogue mic preamps and summing busses give your sound more dynamics, more headroom, and less noise. Our high-quality A/D-D/A conversion and digital clocking allows for better accuracy, more dynamics, and less jitter – the cause of the “gritiness” that so many budget USB audio interfaces are plagued with.

Cranborne Audio products are designed and engineered in the UK. But to achieve the quality and control of every design going out to the world – we also make all our products in the UK. This adds to the already curious question – “How did you do it for this price?” The answer is that all of our designs are highly cost-engineered and optimised. We have considered every component and function to find a better, and often cheaper, way of achieving a desired result. However, if something would sacrifice the performance we wanted to achieve, we would not compromise and only use the best components where needed.
Cranborne Audio, for us, means so much more than metal boxes with components in them. These are our labours of love that embody and demonstrate our demand for excellence. By distilling what matters and putting our soul into these tools, we hope to help other people make magic and express themselves, and in some way, become part of our Cranborne Audio family.

So join our family. We care for our family. And we care about making your tracks, albums, scores sound as good as they should.


26/28 USB Audio Interface & 8-slot 500 series Rack

ADAT Expander, Summing Mixer, & 8-slot 500 series Rack