TAC System is a Japanese company, specializing in hardware Studio Monitor Controllers and Surround Monitoring plug-ins for Pro Tools. Their product line includes the following products:


VMC-102 Studio Monitoring Controller

Advanced audio monitoring system with touchscreen control, for mixing up to 128 inputs into 32 outputs. Ideal for multi-stem monitoring with Pro Tools or Avid systems; caters for all current and projected surround formats.

The TAC System VMC-102 is a studio monitoring controller intended for use in film and broadcast sound mixing and post-production in studios using Pro Tools, Avid or Pyramix systems. It has particular application to Object Audio, where stem metadata is transmitted within a stereo mix allowing the recipient to determine the specific content, such as language selection, and to formulate the audio format that best suits their requirements.


V-Mon is a powerful surround monitoring plug-in system for Pro Tools HD Accel systems. V-Mon flexibly monitors and meters up to six 7.1 stem inputs, eight stereo aux inputs, four talk back inputs, and two listen back inputs. V-Mon provides output control for up to four 7.1 speaker systems, one stereo downmix, eight cues, one stem meter for external hardware metering, and one stereo meter for external hardware metering.

V-Mon provides four talk back busses for global and individual talk back, as well as two listen back inputs and outputs. V-Mon is compatible with the VMC-101 remote controller for convenient, hands-on control of the V-Mon system.

VMC-101 – a dedicated physical controller for V-Mon system

*Connects to USB for easy installation.
*Active control anytime even when plug-in window is closed.
*Simple and reliable operation using buttons and large volume control knob.

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