50 disc pack – Thermal printable CD-R discs. 1X-12X, 700MB disc.

The CDR80BulkThermal is a 50 disc cake pack of 80 minute thermal printable CD-R discs. The brilliant white printable surface dries quickly, enhancing the appearance of graphics and the efficiency of workflow.

Other features are identical to the CDR80. The disc is specifically developed and extensively tested for professional audio recording applications. The 1X-12X speed range accommodates the lower speed writers used in standalone audio CD recorders and duplicators, erradicating the problems that can occur when discs designed primarily for high speed data recording are used.

An advanced phthalocyanine dye delivers consistently low block error rates and a secure archival life in excess of 200 years. High reflectivity ensures widespread compatibility of the recorded disc with the greatest number of players, and the HHB CDR80BulkThermal conforms fully with the Orange Book Part II.

  • 80 minute / 700MB thermal printable CD-R disc
  • Bulk packaged in 50 disc cake packs
  • 1X-12X
  • Advanced phthalocyanine dye
  • High reflectivity
  • Ultra-low jitter performance
  • 200 year secure archival life
  • Tough protective coating
  • Full conformity with Orange Book Part II


Recording time79 minutes 59 seconds
Capacity700 MB
Recommended recording speeds1X – 12X
Recording materialPhthalocyanine stable organic dye
Protecting materialUV resin
Reflection ratio> 68%
Track pitch1.49 – 1.70µm
Track eccentricity< 50µm
Block error rate (average)< 50
Archival stability> 200 years
Operating temperature-5 to +55 C (23 to 131 F)
Operating humidity5 to 95% RH
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