10 disc pack – High Speed 700MB / 79 minute 59 second 2x-52x CD-R

The HHB CDR80HS CD-R disc delivers HHB’s typically high performance and long term archival security in a high speed disc rated at 2x-52x. Manufactured to exacting tolerances, the CDR80HS delivers consistently low block error rates and ultra low jitter performance, while the stable Pthalocyanine organic dye and tough protective coating provide a secure archival life in excess of 100 years. High reflectivity ensures compatibility with a wide range of writers and recorders, with consistency assured by HHB’s policy of batch testing discs with popular hardware on a continuing basis.

  • 2x-52x high-speed CD-R disc
  • Consistently low block error rates
  • Ultra low jitter performance
  • Archival life in excess of 100 years
  • High reflectivity ensures widespread compatibility
  • Tough protective coating
  • Conforms fully with Orange Book Part II
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