Name Company Location Contact Email
Jeff Bard Yorkville Quebec  T: 418-670-4444 Jeff Bard
Pierre Beaupre Yorkville Quebec T: 514-990-4486 Pierre Beaupre
Shawn Crockard Yorkville Northern and Western Ontario  T: 226-750-2958 Shawn Crockard
Alex Donmoyer Yorkville Southern Ontario/GTA  T: 905-807-0417 Alex Donmoyer
Chris Gauthier Yorkville Eastern GTA and Eastern Ontario T: 289-314-5196 Chris Gauthier
Paul Hickey Yorkville British Columbia T: 604-356-7940 Paul Hickey
Glenn MacRae Yorkville Manitoba and Saskatchewan T: 204-781-6501 Glenn MacRae
Terry Ryan Yorkville Atlantic Canada T: 506-324-5150 Terry Ryan
Boh Woodward Yorkville Alberta T: 403-921-1389 Boh Woodward

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