Vic Florencia, a JUNO Award  winning engineer/mixer based out of Toronto, developed his artistry through years of experience in the international recording industry.  He honed his recording and mixing skills on analog tape machines and traditional recording consoles.

The importance of his talent, and the diversity of his body of work, cannot be over-stated. Vic’s list of credits includes work with Jason Mraz, Five For Fighting, Steven Page, Snoop Dog, Marc Jordan, Danko Jones, Sarah Slean, Esthero, Liteyears, Lily Frost, Amy Sky, Joss Stone, Highschool Musical, Jonathan Roy, Katey Morley, The Reason, Olivia Newton-John, Stephan Moccio, Brooke Paulson, Ashley Tisdale, The Suppliers, DISNEY The Lodge,  Larnell Lewis, S.A.T.E, Rehan Dalal, Coney Hatch, Tom Cochrane, Jimmy Rankin, Dominic Mancuso, Hilario Duran, Zoe Sky Jordan, Michaela May, Tyler Shaw, The Headstones, Natalie McMaster, Darrelle London, MercyFlight, LDN Noise and many more.

The difference between mixing one of these artists versus another could not be greater in many cases, and his innate ability to feel and understand what is needed in a mix, on both a sonic and an emotional level, is his true gift.  Bottom line: Vic loves music, and besides bringing great skill and decades of experience to the table, he has great ears, obsessive musicality, gut instinct, raw feel, a huge heart, rare patience, grit, confidence, and, depending on the project, a heavy hand or a light touch.

Equally comfortable on SSL, Neve and API consoles , today he has embraced the best of the analog and digital worlds in his state-of-the-art studio.  From Rock to Pop to Jazz to Country, Vic consistently delivers stellar recordings and mixes.

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