The Cinema Audio Society nominates CEDAR Retouch 8 for the 2021 Outstanding Product in Post Production

CEDAR Audio is delighted to announce that Retouch™ has been nominated for a CINEMA AUDIO SOCIETY AWARD.

“Nowadays, spectral editing is so commonplace that we all tend to forget that there was a time – not that long ago – when it didn’t exist, and that somebody had to invent it” explains CEDAR Audio’s Managing Director, Gordon Reid. “The first version of Retouch introduced this technology to the world and, over the years, we have added refinements and new capabilities to the point that it’s now a remarkable tool capable of all manner of audio functions. Initially introduced to remove unwanted sounds as part of audio restoration, its machine learning and AI tools are now widely used for tasks such as de-essing, pitch and timing correction, elimination of audio bleed, and much more. We view it as an invaluable tool in cinema post production, so we’re delighted that the Cinema Audio Society has honoured it with this nomination. We would very much like to thank the CAS nominating panel for this.”

The CAS Award nominees are uniquely chosen by sound mixers, to celebrate excellence of the craft in the film and television industry. Hundreds of entries are reviewed and evaluated every year by experienced and accomplished CAS members who know the art and science of sound. This year’s Awards will be presented at a sealed envelope dinner on Saturday, March 19, 2022 in the Wilshire Grand Ballroom at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown.

About the Cinema Audio Society

The Cinema Audio Society was formed in 1964 for the purpose of sharing information with sound professionals in the motion picture and television industry. Its objectives are to educate and inform the general public and the industry that effective sound is achieved by a creative, artistic and technical blending of diverse sound elements, to provide the industry with a progressive society of master craftsmen specialised in the art of cinematic sound recording, to advance the fields of cinematic sound recording and auditory appreciation, to support causes dedicated to the sense of hearing, to institute and maintain high standards of conduct and craftsmanship, to aid the industry in the selection and training of qualified personnel, and to achieve for its members deserved recognition as major contributors in the field. 

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