After the incredible reviews for the Cranborne Audio ADAT500, we are now seeing wonderful reviews for their 500R8, an audio interface with 8 slots of 500 series and analog summing built in.

Tape Op had the following to say on the 500R8:
It truly is a very well thought out mini-studio that packs a ton of punch with has loads of flexibility and expandability.

Mix Magazine said the following:
After using the 500R8 as my interface for several weeks, I came away with a couple of main impressions: First, between the design, the converters, the internal clocking and the general quality of the components, the sound quality is stellar.

Recording Magazine also had kind words on the 500ADAT in their upcoming February edition:
“500ADAT is a forward-thinking and feature-rich device that performs all of its functions spectacularly”

To learn more about the Cranborne Audio 500R8, click here.

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