German interconnectivity and audio transport specialists, DirectOut, are pleased to introduce a brand-new must-have tool for everyone that works with MADI – ANNA-LISA makes her debut at IBC2014.

ANNA-LISA is a small, handheld MADI analyser and signal generator equipped with BNC and SFP MADI I/Os that provides straightforward, immediate analysis of any MADI input. Signal condition, input level and jitter can be monitored directly at the device. More detailed information, such as protocol and user bit checks, is accessible through an external application via USB and Bluetooth. The integrated signal generator makes ANNA-LISA a convenient, all-round tool for any MADI environment. The device is powered by an integrated battery and chargeable via USB.

Over the past five years, DirectOut has acquired an excellent reputation as an audio transport specialist providing all kinds of converters, routers and little problem solvers for MADI environments. The development of ANNA-LISA, a comprehensive yet compact measurement tool to enable mobile quality control and error tracking for engineers working with MADI out in the field, is thus a logical step for the company. “In mobile broadcasting and recording as well as live sound applications, it is crucial to know the quality of all MADI connections in the setup”, states CTO Stephan Flock. “With ANNA-LISA we are excited to provide a unique new tool which not only makes it possible to track down protocol issues, but moreover is able to provide a qualitative analysis of the physical condition of a MADI connection. Engineers will wonder how they ever managed without it!”Analisa-IBC slide

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