As part of the MUTEK Montréal festival/ Sonic Circuits event, HHB Canada will be in Montreal presenting two FREE events focusing on control voltage (CV) integration between Universal Audio interfaces and Ableton Live. In particular, how they can be used together to send and receive CV from modular synthesizers and Ableton. The events will be held on Saturday, August 24, at 2pm, and on Sunday, August 25, at 12pm. They will be held at Never Apart, 7049 St Urbain St, Montreal.

Admission : GRATUIT avec RSVP / Free with RSVP

This is a great opportunity to learn how to expand and add versatility to hardware modular synthesizer set-ups, as well as software based modular synthesizer set-ups, such as Modular, by Softube. We will also have many Craft Synth 2.0 and Skulpt synthesizers by Modal Electronics to play with after the event!

Our guest presenter will be Len Goins, who will be showing you how to control your modular synth rig from your DAW/ plugins; how to control your DAW/ plugins from your modular synth rig; and bi-directional techniques for total integration of DAWs, virtual instruments/ modulators, and modular synth hardware.

Len Goins is an unbiased veteran of hardware and software integration. Equally adept in hardware modular synthesizer systems and computer-based production environments, Len is a champion of the hybrid approach. The best of both worlds. The right tool for the right job. Make everything work with everything else.

Beginning with stints in “traditional” bands (Majesty in Misery, CrocShop, the Brimstones, the von Drats, the Sends), Len started out as a synthesist, sound designer, and drummer/ percussionist. Becoming more interested in experimental techniques and alternative control systems, Len began focusing his efforts on improvisational ensembles (mortmain, 5-pin DIN, Zero at Infinity, G-Group), art installations and festivals (Oracle @ Ryerson U., Biology as Peep Show @ Shared Habitat), soundtrack work (xxx, Fanboy Confidential), and workflow/implementation consultancy, training and demonstration.

Len presents on behalf of HHB Canada, Universal Audio, and Music Marketing.


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