The Direct Out PRODIGY.MC is a modular audio converter that supports multiple formats, flexible I/O, networked audio, and extremely powerful hardware and software. It has been designed to address numerous applications in pro audio, broadcast, installation and studio applications, using a single 2U hardware frame. The PRODIGY.MC supports the latest audio network technologies (including Dante, RAVENNA and SoundGrid), and allows access to hardware settings, including a channel-based routing matrix via various remote control options. Since its design is fully modular, the hardware can be configured according to the requirements of any application, which results in budget saving as well as guaranteeing the flexibility to address changes in the global media environment through future upgrades.

The PRODIGY.MC provides a variety of I/O capabilities – eight converter slots for analog line-level, microphone input and AES3 option modules. Equipped with eight channels per module and interface direction, PRODIGY.MC provides up to 64 inputs and outputs. In addition, the PRODIDGY.MC’s hardware supports MADI and a network audio option. The two MADI slots can be equipped with BNC, SC optical and SFP modules. A network audio option board adds Dante, RAVENNA (AES67) or SoundGrid connectivity, and increases its maximum channel capacity to 320 inputs and 324 outputs.

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