Emily Lazar of The Lodge in New York has been in the news recently as the first female mastering engineer to win a Best Engineered Album Non Classical Grammy, which was awarded to her for her work on the album ‘Colors’ by Beck. What’s less well known is that she often relies on CEDAR to achieve her award-winning results.

She told CEDAR, “In recent years, modern DAWs have drastically changed the way mixes are made and mastered. The unfortunate landscape created by the loudness wars has us all navigating some tricky terrain and because the DAWs are so powerful engineers are, at times, unknowingly pushing the sonic boundaries. I often receive mixes with unwanted artifacts and distortion and cleaning up those tracks prior to mastering is just the nature of the game. With CEDAR plugins in my arsenal, I’m finally fighting a wining battle!”

“I can’t imagine our daily session life without Retouch”, she says. “NOTHING on the market can compete with its noise removal!”

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