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HHB Canada – Broadcast and Systems Division

HHB Canada has appointed Norman Verrall to manage a newly created Broadcast and System Division, effective July 1 2015. The new Broadcast and Systems Division is an integral part of HHB Canada focused on the needs of the Broadcast, Live Sound, Install, House of Worship and Production industries. The Broadcast and Systems Division will draw upon HHB Canada’s wide range of products and provide a focused, unique path to market for these sectors, independent of HHB Canada’s existing MI and Pro Audio resellers.

HHB Canada Sales Manager Norman Verrall has over 35 years Professional Audio experience and is renowned as one of the top Pro Audio technical sales people in Canada. He will manage the new division from HHB Canada’s Toronto office.

Sales representatives for this group are: Atlantic Canada, Al Strickland; Quebec, Pierre Beaupre; Ontario, Richard Hagan and Western Canada, David Firby.

HHB Canada President Dave Dysart states: “The Broadcast and Systems Division builds on the strength of our diverse product portfolio and experience and adds a dedicated sales team to provide a focused approach for customers in these markets. Norman and the team will continue to deliver the outstanding service that our customers have come to expect.”

Norman Verrall comments: “The creation of the Broadcast and Systems Division targets the needs of Broadcast Resellers, Systems Integrators, Live Sound Resellers and Consultants. HHB Canada is the leading pro audio supplier in Canada and our experience and knowledge will be of great benefit to these markets.”

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For further information please contact:
HHB Canada President Dave Dysart at [email protected]

HHB Canada Sales Manager Norman Verrall at [email protected]

(Dave Dysart, Norman Verrall, Dave Misener)

HHB Canada’s diverse professional audio product portfolio includes: ADAM Professional Loudspeakers, ATC Professional Loudspeakers, Blue Microphones and Headphones, Calrec Broadcast Audio Consoles, Cedar Audio Processing, Coles Broadcast Microphones, Dan Dugan Auto Mixers, Digital Audio Labs LiveMix Personal Monitor Systems, Direct Out Audio Interfacing and MADI /Ravenna Solutions, Junger Audio Loudness Processing, Merging Technologies Digital Workstations and Presentation Technologies, Ravenna compatible Audio Interfaces, Qualis Audio Broadcast QC systems, Rosendahl Clock distribution and MIDI- timecode interfaces, SSL Systems Integration products and Universal Audio Computer Interfacing and DSP Solutions.

HHB Communications Canada Ltd l 260 King St. East, STE 205
Toronto, Ontario M5A 4L5
Tel: 416-867-9000 l Fax: 416-867-1080
e-mail: [email protected] l

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