Official Release: Pyramix v12, Ovation v8 & VCube v8!

New Software Versions, Keys and Options

Merging Technologies are pleased to announce the official release of new major versions for all of our software range: Pyramix v12, Ovation v8 and VCube v8.

These versions will require a new set of keys. All customers under ASM are therefore entitled to a free upgrade, and should have received their new keys.

If you have not received your v12/v8 keys, please contact HHB Canada in order to get your keys or update your ASM plan.

Note: A new firmware release for MERGING+ANUBIS, Horus and Hapi is planned in the coming days.

Discover the latest innovations

Merging Technologies have not changed any of the software packs, but are pleased to inform you that those versions include new options and features:


Pyramix 12 and Ovation 8 include a complete hybrid Channel Based/Ambisonic workflow, allowing for encoding, mixing, rotating and decoding Ambisonic signal directly in the mixing console. Ambisonic Decoders supported up to 7th order in Pyramix v12 and Ovation v8 with the b<>com integration within the Pyramix mixer.

  • Ambisonic Strips and Ambisonic Groups of 3rd to 7th order are properly decoded if the VR Pack key is present
  • Ambisonic Strips and Ambisonic Groups of 1st and 2nd order are always decoded even if the VR Pack key is not present
  • Ambisonic Strips and Ambisonic Groups of 3rd to 7th order are decoded using a 2nd order decoder if the VR Pack key is NOT present

MIXER Improvements

  • Bus matrix grid: the General Mixing Bus section of the mixing console can now be operated as a big Matrix Grid.
  • New scroll: Added Mouse Wheel support in the mixing console
  • Movable elements: VCA Strips and Group Strips can now be moved in the Mixer.
  • Routing Presets: Pyramix v12 brings new Save/Load presets available within Mixing Console Routing Page.
  • New Predefined Speaker Sets available

EVO CHANNEL and EVO IN now available in VS3 plugin format (key required)

EVO CHANNEL: The Ultimate Channel Strip Redefined 

Gain/Drive, Phase, Compressor, EQ, DeEsser, Expander, Transient/Sustain Designer, Hands-on interface, Fast Workflow, Adjustable Signal Flow, Stay in control of your sound!

EVO IN: Stay In Phase – Maintain The Vitality 

Unique, Precise, Arbitrary and Linear Phase Rotation, Phase Group to enable and disable phase for all of the included tracks at the same time. Electrical Polarity Inverter. Soft saturation to attain roundness and warmth, restoring and maintaining the vitality of the sound!

Latest features and improvements for all users:

  • MassCore/RTX64 v3.6 version supporting the Windows 10 October 2018 update (1809) and the Zombieload update
  • Mixer improvements
  • New Predefined Speaker Sets available
  • Discwrite MTFF editing support
  • SACD Cutting Master generation feature
  • Authoring Revamping along with Text validation and report generation
  • Album Publishing enhancements
  • New DSD Rendering and Encoding option
  • New Meco Sigma Delta Modulator available in Album Publishing
  • New CD Text import feature
  • New “Playing Cues” window (Ovation)
  • New Copy/Paste Rules options (Ovation)
  • Interaction Rule improvements (Ovation)
  • Active Cue improvements (Ovation)
  • ANEMAN Unicast Support (ANEMAN v1.2)
  • ANEMAN: Anubis and ZOEM support along with improvements (ANEMAN v1.2)
  • And more….
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