Exciting news – Universal Audio Have Announced Three Pedals!

Building on their 60 years of analog tone, and extensive knowledge of DSP, the Starlight Echo Station, Golden Reverberator and Astra delivery everything you would expect on a Universal Audio product; organic tone, versatility and an intuitive playing experience. Best of all, as they accommodate either hi-Z or line level, these stereo effect pedals are equally versatile on a guitar pedal board, adding depth to a keyboard rig, or as high-end outboard effect units in the studio/ live. The pedals can be used as mono effect units, or in stereo via the 2 x ¼” TS inputs and 2 x ¼” TS outputs.

UAFX Starlight Echo Station Stereo Delay Pedal

– Stereo delay pedal with Tape, Analog, and Digital effects, true or buffered bypass, Preset and Tap Tempo modes, additional downloadable effects, and more.

– Three legendary delay effects included;
Tape EP-III: Three unique 1960’s tape echo machines, with settings for tape age and preamp colour.
Analog DMM: Vintage analog “bucket brigade” delay textures with enveloping modulation modes and subdivisions.
Precision: Pristine digital delays with endless delay trails and optional modulation, derived from the UAD plug-in library.

Bonus Effect: Free Cooper Time Cube delay, downloadable at registration.

UAFX Golden Reverberator Stereo Effects Pedal
– Stereo reverb pedal with Spring, Plate, and Vintage Digital effects, true or buffered bypass, Live/Preset modes, additional downloadable effects, and more.

– Three Classic Reverbs, expertly captured;
Spring 65: Three “golden unit” spring reverb tanks, pulled from classic 1960’s American guitar amps.Plate 140: Three vintage German plate reverbs: captured at the iconic Record Plant studio.
Hall 224: A trio of perfectly modeled late-1970’s digital reverb algorithms.

Bonus Effects: Free Vintage digital Plate and Chamber 224 reverbs, downloadable at registration.

UAFX Astra Modulation Machine Stereo Effects Pedal
– Stereo modulation pedal with Chorus, Flanger, and Tremolo effects, true or buffered bypass, preset modes, additional downloadable sounds, and more.

– Three timeless modulation effects included;
Chorus Brigade: Classic ‘70s analog bucket brigade chorus with additional Vibrato mode.
Flanger/DBLR: Studio flanger/doubler tones modelling legendary rack effects units.
Trem 65: Perfectly-emulated opto tube tremolo derived from iconic blackface amps of the mid-1960’s.

Bonus Effects: Free Phaser X90 and Dharma Trem 61, downloadable at registration.

Full details here.

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